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Celebrating Over 45 Years

Olde Providence Elementary School was established in 1968. The legacy of the school and surrounding area played an important role in Charlotte history. Long before other southern suburbs, development around OP was THE thing. For decades, OP has produced thousands of students who feed into nationally recognized High Schools or Universities and contribute in meaningful ways to society.

We'd like to invite recent and long past alumni to re-establish the link to Olde Providence Elementary and the role it played in your life. Maybe you will come accross some old friends or find some new ones who also went to OP. Few other times in our lives do we spend six entire years in one school and we sometimes forget how important those early years of our education are. Email us if you are an alum! Or find us on Facebook.

OP School and Park is a unique property in South Charlotte with full featured playgrounds, sports fields,basketball court, running track, fitness centers, outdoor classrooms and nature trails that benefit everyone in the community.

Olde Providence Elementary School is located at 3800 Rea Road in Charlotte, North Carolina 28277.

OPES Foundation
P.O. Box 470801
Charlotte, NC 28247


The Foundation is a non-profit corporation pursuant to Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).


Olde Providence Elementary School is more than just a school. It is the heart of our local community!

Our school has a large campus and is nestled in the middle of several cozy neighborhoods. This campus also supports the broader community as a park with playgrounds, running track, basketball court, baseball fields, nature trails and outdoor classrooms. OP is also the home base for the South Charlotte Recreation Association.

The area consists of young active families all the way to retirees and a diverse mix of incomes. Nearby neighborhoods, faith organizations, non-profit sports teams and businesses are all closely tied to our school. Olde Providence, Chadwyck, Foxglove, Battle Forest, Candlewyck and other nearby neighborhoods are all active and important at our school as well as local churches Peace Moravian, Wesley UMC and Good Shepherd Presbyterian. The OP grounds serve many more than just the students, so it is important to include the whole community. The pride and condition of a school provide an immeasureable value to its neighborhoods and quality of life for everyone.

Generally, the school system cannot pay for all upgrades or replacements after a school is built. Our playgrounds, running track, basketball court, baseball fields, nature trails and outdoor classrooms are significantly dependent on private support through PTA, parent, corporate or community donors. PTA charters also have certain limitations on holding funds for long term projects. Due to difficult personal, private and public budgets, we came to a point where we were unable to meet our goals to maintain some of these areas.

The Olde Providence Elementary School Foundation was first proposed by PTA President Pattie Iannitti, endorsed by Staff, the PTA and SLT and started by a group of volunteer parents. The Foundation was thus established in 2011 to find ways to help meet the needs of the school and community, initially by supporting new playgrounds. Through a combination of fundraising and working with CMS leadership, two new playground installations were built earlier than expected in Summer 2012 by CMS with accessories provided by the Foundation and PTA. Basketball court renovation was completed Spring 2013 with Foundation funds. Additional play areas and structures are being considered. We are so pleased with everyone's support!

The Foundation will support the school, its programs and its facilities with the basic intent to perpetually provide a funding structure for short and long term projects. It will offer and search for grant opportunities. It also has a goal to have all community stakeholders be involved and have a sense of ownership in this important resource.

Our Foundation has reached out and involved those with a vested interest in maintaining value and integrity within our community. The Foundation works closely with staff, PTA and School Leadership Team. The Foundation Board wishes to thank everyone for their continued support.

The Foundation Board currently is made up of unpaid volunteers who have offered their own time and donated materials to get started.

If you or a community leader you know would like more information or to participate, please email the Foundation at info@opesfoundation.org . Leadership positions are available on a rotating basis.

Please visit the official OP school web page:

Tile Project
The new 45th Anniversary Tile Wall installed May 2013 !